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Charlton Scholars is a registered Independent, co-educational, Christian-based school. We have a well-balanced academic and outdoor programme specifically designed to support and accommodate children who present with specific barriers to learning.

We promote self-worth, responsibility and a good work ethic, which in turn helps to develop the life skills needed in a functioning society.

Given that remedial education is adapted to the personal needs of each individual learner, places are limited in all Specialised Schools. Charlton Scholars recognises the importance of correct diagnosis and placement within this environment, and aims to place learners who would benefit from such placement.


To equip our learners with knowledge to cope and to succeed in our world today. We believe in the power of positive reinforcement and that only your best will do. We embrace individuality as we understand that each of us has been blessed with a special talent or gift that makes us unique. We celebrate every small achievement and look forward to the next. Our nurturing and caring spirit is the soul of the school.